High School & College Student Soft Skills Training

We all know that preparing students and young adults for college and success in the real world requires time and attention that many schools don’t have. These soft skills are critical for developing future leaders that not only make the grade but also excel working in a team, networking with others, solving problems quickly and balancing their personal life and family. My keynote speech motivates today’s youth to understand these issues outside of their traditional education and apply core principles to foster these skill sets.

Youth & Young Adult Student Soft Skills Keynote

Soft skills, or core skills are often looked at by employers and evaluated just as much academic success. These skills include:

  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Courtesy
  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • flexibility
  • teamwork

My keynote works through these skills and motivates high school and college students to internalize these principles and apply them to their everyday life.

Prepare Your Kids for College

High school students are often surprised when they get to college and not prepared for the responsibility it requires. Living on your own, managing tuition, showing up to class and managing time for studying and having fun are all important for student success. Students and youth are usually surprised to learn what they can do to prepare and motivated to develop these core characteristics for their own success.

Teach Successful Skills for Career Success

Soft skills are sometimes called employ-ability skills because they make a huge difference in workplace productivity and performance. Developing these skills for career success means that your students will not only have the expertise needed to do the job, but also have more opportunities to advance in their career and make more connections in their industry.