The pivot has been a process for me over the last four plus years. The pivot started on a cool March 2014 morning when I was released from my duties as head coach at Kennesaw State University (KSU). I knew that we had come to this point, but the raw emotions of being told you were no longer good enough to lead your team was too much for me to bear.

Over the next six months, I went into a deep depression. I knew I had money that would help out for a while, but I had lost more than a job…I LOST MY IDENTITY! Yes, like many of us in the sports and coaching world, we have tricked ourselves into believing that sports are “What we do, but not who we are”! I know many like me that have been searching for the adrenaline-filled, access and excess and the good life that coaching can bring. I knew I would have to adjust, but knew because of my background, I would be back in the college coaching business and helping another program to win conference and hopefully national championships.

When the phone did not ring, the devastation to my pride and self-esteem were difficult to handle. I had to now change my role and figure ot how to re-invent myself from being Coach Preston to now being Lewis Preston. Being called coach now one of the most humbling and heartfelt words you can call me today. I understand the power, respect and responsibility the word “Coach” carries today.

The definition of the word pivot by Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “a person, thing, or factor having a major or central role, function, or effect.” the business of basketball made me focused on outcomes and results of winning versus the impact and growth of the total student-athlete. I believed that winning was the end result I needed to drive everything else in my life.

I am going to chronicle the journey that has led me to wanting to help others who are going through a “PIVOT” in their lives. We have different paths on our journey. My goal is to hopefully connect with you in some part of your journey as you discover new paths that will lead to your ultimate passion in life.

Lewis Preston

Written by Lewis Preston