I had a chance to spend the day watching Grassroots United Elite Wings workout at Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia on Saturday, August 18, 2018. The entire event was broadcast on www.theSUvTv.com. As a contributor of the Georgia Hoop Circle (@GAHoopCircle), we were able to see how the skills and the wills of players were put to the test through various drills and coaching moments during the event. Here are some of my observations from the event:

First, Desmond Eastmond along with the trainers and staff from Grassroots United put on an excellent event. It was crafted by spending the morning showing drills and skills. The staff made sure that every player got numerous repetitions at game speed to give them a better understanding of footwork, spacing, body position and shot selection. More importantly, Desmond and staff held the players accountable for what they expected in each drill.

Second, the entire camp, along with parents were treated to a workout and breakdown of skill development by Wheeler High School alum and current Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown. Jaylen provided teaching moments and small nuggets of information for each player in attendance to add to their developing basketball games. Also, having a chance to interview Jaylen Brown and discussing his evolution as a player and giving back to the community was an added bonus.

Finally, the drills that were taught in the morning were brought together in the afternoon sessions as the players competed in 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 scenarios. In these drills, you had an opportunity to see the players who paid attention, followed instructions, and were able to apply what was learned on different areas of the court. Competition really does separate those who are interested in playing, versus being committed to being the best they can be. As these drills and workout came to an end, a 3-on-3 full-court competition gave the campers the last opportunity to show what they had learned throughout the day.

The Grassroots United Elite Wings workout provided us an opportunity to see the usual household names and uncover some under-the-radar talent in the Classes of 2019-2022. We look forward to following all the players with their respective high school teams and to see how each and every one of them develops to represent the best the Peach State has to offer.

Lewis Preston

Written by Lewis Preston