The Power of a Picture

This picture was sent to me a few days ago when I was the guest of a former collegiate player, Mihai Raducanu. He is the owner of No Limit Performance Basketball, Inc outside Ontario, Canada. Numerous times Mihai invited me to come and spend time with him to see the work that his organization was doing with the young people in Ontario. He wanted to show me how the young people in the area are gravitating to the game of basketball. As I reflect on this experience, this picture has so many fond memories of the time spent engaging and teaching young people the fundamentals and nuances of the game. More importantly, it allowed me to continue my pursuit of helping young men and women find the passion inside of them.

As I look at the picture, here are just a few observations:

First, to a person, these young people are ENGAGED! Mihai had mentioned to me during our conversations that these young boys and girls, as well as teens, had really started to turn the corner regarding their skills, knowledge, and overall passion for the game. I remember vividly the ages varying from six to eighteen (6 to 18) and how each person was just eager to take in as much as we were willing to teach them. My background as a collegiate Head and Assistant Coach helped to have them locked in and focused. The entire group did not waste a moment having a chance to learn the game from a different perspective and to learn maybe a nugget or two to help them expand their minds and approach to the game.

Second, this picture is a coach’s dream on all levels… EYE CONTACT! I can feel the intensity of their looks as I am explaining the drill to them. This group was “ALL IN” on what was being explained, how it was to be executed, and how to help others to be their best. As a coach, especially in today’s environment, we so want the eye contact and the engagement from all those whom we are associated. We always like to say, the eyes “DON’T LIE”, and in this instance, the eyes tell me that they are ready for whatever is coming next.

Third, this picture shows FOCUS! They are hanging on every word. Each person is showing the respect, while making sure they are in the moment. You just know from the picture that the group is going to go hard, execute, play together and take advantage of the opportunity.

As I reminisce back on this time, I want to thank Mihai Raducanu, Amy Audibert, and all the coaches involved at the time with No Limit Performance Basketball, Inc. I look forward now to following up with this special group of boys and girls and see where basketball has taken them.

Finally, I want you readers to respond. WHAT DOES THE PICTURE REVEAL TO YOU? I look forward to your comments.

Lewis Preston

Written by Lewis Preston